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How to Love an Uncaged Crow — Zevran/unspecified

one. Bad jokes and worse poetry come from a place of good intention, and are often a sign of a good heart. Try to keep that in mind, if you can.

two. Taste in verse aside, he is a smooth talker with a clever tongue. Be careful he doesn’t catch you off-guard—or does, if that’s your thing.

three. You cannot contain him, and if you try, you will be hurting him. He has spent a lifetime flitting from cage to gilded cage with wings kept carefully clipped. Do not be the next to treat him like a pet. Be the first to leave the window open.

four. Know that he is a pious man, in love. He will worship you with every breath. Every word spoken with the reverence of a prayer, as though you are his altar. Every touch made with the utmost care, as though you are a holy artifact. It can be easy for this to overwhelm.

five. When he wakes in the night, walls down and hands searching frantically for you as whimpers slip loose from his throat, hold him in your arms and whisper, “I love you. You’re safe. You’re safe.”

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